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Food Trucks/Trailers


  • Payment of $100 per calendar year. (See ordinance 19-02 found below, for more details)

  • Payment of $25 per time location fee

  • Permit Application must be submitted 60 days before and must be filed out to completion.

  • Clear copy of a valid state identification card

  • Starting and ending dates applicant plans to be in Flanagan

Village Regulations

  • Food trucks/trailers are allowed only in areas designated by the Village of Flanagan

  • All Livingston County Health Department required certificates/licenses must be current and in order 

  • Hours for selling 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Only

  • No selling on Sunday or National holidays unless otherwise permitted

  • All areas must be left clean and free of litter

Food Trucks/Trailers Ordinance

Access the food trucks /

trailers ordinance (PDF).

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