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Flanagan Schools

The Flanagan Unit #74 School District is a small rural district with a great reputation of excellence striving to provide a comprehensive and quality program for all children.

The grade school and high school are located in adjacent buildings joined by an enclosed walkway.

Combined, the grade school and high school have approximately 500 students and 35 staff members.


The schools have two gyms, two libraries, several computer labs, a football field and track, a weight lifting building, and a swimming pool.

Visit one of the schools listed below for more

information about the schools, including calendars and lunch menus.

202 E. Falcon Hwy.
Flanagan, IL 61740
Phone: (815) 796-2233
Fax: (815) 796-2856

Flanagan Elementary
(815) 796-2261

Flanagan Junior High School

Flanagan-Cornell High School

Flanagan Public Shool, Unit #74
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