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Peddlers/ Solicitors Permits



  • Payment of $100 per calendar year. (See ordinance 19-01 found below for more details)

  • Permit Application must be submitted 60 days before and must be filed out to completion.

  • Clear copy of a valid state identification card

  • Copies of any materials that will be shared with residents

  • For third party peddlers/solicitors: A valid copy of the signed agreement/contract

  • Any other information as requested by the City Clerk or designee


*It is unlawful for any individual or company to engage in peddling or soliciting in the Village of Flanagan without first obtaining a permit for that purpose.* - Village of Flanagan

For Residents

A reminder that all peddlers or solicitors:

  • May not claim to represent the Village of Flanagan, or claim that their product is endorsed by the Village.

  • Must have some form of identification on them, including identification of the company for which they are working.

  • Must have their peddlers permit with them at all time and produce it on request.

  • Must receive a permit prior to peddling/soliciting.

Prohibited Activities

  • The Village of Flanagan prohibits peddling or solicitation at any residence displaying a "No Solicitor or Peddler Invited" sign or similar notice. 

  • The Village of Flanagan prohibits soliciting/peddling prior to 9:00 AM and after 6:00 PM on any weekdays, Saturday hours 9:00 AM - 12 Noon. No soliciting or peddling on Sunday or any State or National holidays is permitted. 


Access the peddler / solicitor application (PDF).

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